Stand in the draught of system door window,

In November, at the FBC Beijing doors and Windows exhibition, HOPO solutions launched iHandle, Energy saving+ European Energy saving system, Panorama+ American landscape system, HOPO Fitting+ door and window hardware system customized multiple series of new products, which were highly praised and concerned by many brand Windows and doors enterprises, many new and old customers stay in the exhibition hall and repeatedly appreciate the exhibits.

Under the industry problems of homogenization, fake and inferior and serious flying single phenomenon, the growth of traditional home decoration door and window enterprises is hindered, HOPO Shared system door and window technology channel, providing theoretical and practical verification for the system transformation of brand door and window enterprises.
The market always changes in an instant, the market of door window of domestic outfit door is facing a “shuffle” revolution, the door window enterprise that be stuck in one’s old ways, content at present situation will become the victim of revolution eventually, when the era should abandon you, it is to say hello to won’t hit even. Facing the examination questions of The Times, how are you going to answer them?
Home installs door window to change homogeneity with each passing day, the product that does not notice door window performance will lose competitive advantage slowly; Window of door of traditional enterprise management methods, tools and concepts have been unable to meet the requirements, the enterprise production efficiency, high processing costs, increased difficulties of quality control, warehousing and logistics management has become the difficulty, competitive advantage, competitive advantage in the past, has become the market rapidly changing enterprise transformation of the rope.

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